Logo Design 101 - Need A Logo? Read This First!

  Logo Design 101 - More to it than you think! I love designing logos! Logo design is my favorite kind of job I get from clients. From gathering their ideas to laying it all out and putting the pieces together, I love creating one of the most important parts of a business's identity! What a lot of people don't realize is the importance of logo creation in terms of usability and ownership rights. Those are the two things I'd like to discuss today. First, I want to tell you about the design aspect of logo creation. In graphic design, there are both Raster and Vector images. You may have heard of Adobe. This company has both Raster (Photoshop) and Vector (Illustrator) design programs. In short, logos need and should be designed in a Vector-format program like Illustrator or Corel (I use CorelDraw *gasp*). The reason for this is something called Resolution. This is a key word in graphic design. Resolution=Quality. When you start a new project in a raster-based program, it is